RBS GBM Assessment Centre


Hey guys,
I got an AC invite with RBS next week for GBM Sales position. They say the exercises will be the following:

• Group Meeting & Activity
• Individual Meeting
• Written Exercise
• The Trading Game

I heard that they had held the same assessment centre on 5th Nov. I wonder if anyone has attended that one? Can anyone share me some insights on the individual meeting and the trading game? Thank you very much!
If no one is able to give any suggestions at this stage, it would nice at least to get to know some of you who is going to the same AC as me.


may I know where you have applied for and where the AC will take place? I applied for sales in HK and just finished the phone interview yesterday. heard nothing about AC so far. am getting nervous!


hi i have an ability test centre coming up v.soon.

can anyone give me tips on the venture capitalist exercise?? anything i can prepare i.e.definitions or anything??

thanks :slight_smile:


@cee, I applied for GBM sales analyst at Singapore office. I just got a phone interview yesterday. They mentioned that there would be an AC next week in Hong Kong or Singapore.




Anyone with a trading A/C for RBS GBM in Singapore?

PM me


Any singaopre application for trade position RBS GBM?


i have an RBS GBM assessment centre tomorrow. anyone else going for the same? and what is the trading game all about?
any tips would be helpful.


Anyone of u got this today?Any inside about how many heads they still searchin for Trading GBM?


Thank you again for your application to The Royal Bank of Scotland graduate programme in GBM Markets.

We understand that you have been waiting to hear further news about the progress of your application, and so we are writing to update you.

We are currently in the process of shortlisting for our assessment centres in February, and will contact people we wish to invite within the next couple of weeks.

We have received an exceptional response to our graduate programme this year, and are therefore unable to guarantee places at the next stage of the process. Nevertheless, please be assured that your application remains under consideration for progression.


hi student11! i hope u did grt at the AC. what was the role that u have applied for? could u also tell me when did u make ur appliaction?


Hey guys, had my telephone interview today and everything that appeared here got asked. Also I was wondering how long its taken everyone to find out if they get onto the AC, and how they were informed?

They called me back within 10minutes to guarantee me a spot in the AC on March 2nd.
Does anyone else have it then?



Wow that’s really fast. I had to wait almost two months from my telephone interview until I got my AC confirmed. I’m having mine next Thursday.


I have two offers:

  1. RBS GBM Markets Sales (equities)
  2. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

Both London. Which should I go for?


ES1W 07 - First of all congratulations on having 2 offers from well established firms.

None of us can decide on which offer you should take - though having experienced the trading floors for RBS - they seem to be a very interesting place to be and offers a wider variety of sales.

I hope you make your decision based on the right reasons.


When you mean between departments, which departments are you referring to?


e.g. between Wealth and Markets.


Well considering these are two seperate functions and that you will be part of a graduate scheme, I feel that this would be a difficult task. If you were to move within GBM it may be another thing. I’m not saying to write it off, you could stand a chance! But then again you have ML in your other hand!



Congrats for having both!

I assume that I have been interviewed for a very similar position at RBS. Can you pls specify for which team exactly you got the offer for? Have you responded to RBS? I guess I am on the queue as I am waiting for an answer since my final interview on the 4th Febr.

Regarding your decision, I think Sales and Buy side are very different in nature, and you should probably decide based on the job characteristics rather than the place brand.

Would appreciate your answer,