RBS Finance Summer Internship


Does anyone know if there will be another AC for Finance Summer Internship positions at RBS?
My status says I have been invited, but no slots are available.



I think you have to ring them and book if you haven’t already, I’m going to the AC a week tommorow (31st March). Maybe I’ll se you there :slight_smile:


Hi, im going to the Finance super centre on the 31st aswell.

Im just really confused as to what to prepare for.

any tips?


hi ljintheuk
did u passed super centre before AC?what does it like?cuz i will attend super centre for risk on 31st.i will appreciate your help!!!


felics, can you confirm this for me? is it just two competency tests- an ABLE one and a fast track one- and a competency based interview? Apparently you can’t really prepare for the tests too much, apart from doing some practice numerical tests. I’m just going to focus on practicing interview questions/technique and make sure I’m clued up about the job/company/industry


Hi I have an AC centre on the 31st too!

Yea iv been told its one interview and a financial appraisal test and SHL fast track.
Not sure what the fast track one is about.

Could any one shed some light into this.


anyone know anything about the final round assessment centre for RBS? not sure what to expect


Could anyone please tell me more about the RBS Finance programme? I can only really find the information they have on the graduate website. How many rotations is it possible to have and what sort of roles are included?


Can’t say anything about RBS but I did a finance internship with another bank and there aren’t any rotations…it is only 10 weeks…

Roles really varied, its basically accountancy so prepare for boredom.