RBS Finance Graduate Assessment Centre for 2015 intake


Hi All,

Does anyone know if the RBS Finance Graduate Assessment Centre for 2015 intake have started or when it will start? I passed my telephone interview almost a month ago and got the generic email about the progression to the Assessment Centre stage but have still not gotten an invitation to the Assessment Centre. I am now getting worried.

Thanks for your response.


I passed my telephone interview last week and haven’t heard any news since then. No news is good news. Maybe they just want to hold the applications till certain amount and then proceed them in batch. Good luck!


Hey guys!,

Congratulations on smashing the telephone interview :slight_smile:

I have just been invited for the telephone interview round and was wondering how the overall experience has been for you guys. I had given the interview in 2013 but did not make it to the AC but I hope to make it this year. It would be awesome if any of you would share what questions were asked, anything tricky? I have applied for internal audit program as I wish to do the ACA. Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi did you attend the AC? I will have one on 23rd and would appreciate any advice or details about the tasks.