RBS final verdict - Is everyone still waiting?


I had my assessment centre with RBS in mid December and was informed that I would hear back from them mid to late January with a final result. I am still waiting.

I spoke to my careers advisor and she has been informed that there is a possibility that RBS are going to complete all of their assessment days for all streams before deciding on places, and we could therefore be waiting until March or even later!

Anyone hear anything that can confirm or disprove this? is anyone else still waiting for results too?


Hmm, i know there are assessment centers still coming up. I imagine the grad AC will finish very soon. But the internship ACs will go on for a while.

From my knowledge RBS and banks in general hire candidates who have performed at or above the minimum requirement throughout the process.

It maybe that you have applied to a position where RBS only look to hire a handful of candidates so it would be best to wait till the recruitment process has finished.

I know the COO grad programme only had 10 places last year, But for finance they took on in the region of 50.


I’m still waiting to hear if I’ve made the final cut to the assessment centre for marketing… i’ve made the shortlist post teleinterview but that’s all. Anyone else in this position? Just got a message today saying they’re still deciding.


I had AC on the 29th Jan and final on the 4th Febr. for GBM Sales but still no answer.



There is another round after the AC?


For GBM there is a final interview. I had such and now I have been told to wait for another final interview…but it has been ages to wait…


I had my ac this Tuesday and was told that we will be informed by the end of the week but haven’t heard anything yet…considering it’s a bad sign…do you guys know if they prefer to phone successful candidates and reject by email?? My application status doesn’t say anything.


Rob10 how was your telephone interview? any tips?

i have mine for business services coming up.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


im still waiting for an invite to AC after passing telephone interview. shoudl i email HR thanking them for the interview?