RBS Equities Research & JP Asset Management


Hi everyone, I am Kenneth, just registered for wikijob, hope that I can conrtibute my experience, my interview questions and skills and learn from you guys in here.

I have been notified by RBS that I will have a face-to-face interview for Equities Research soon, but duno the exact date yet.
That’s a bit unexpected as I knew that RBS usually have their first round as phone interview so I duno why it’s different this time.

Also notified by JP Asset Management to do a numerical test.

Anyone applying to the same or similar roles so that we can share our experience together?
How should I prepare for the face-to-face interview apart from the RBS info. in wiki and standard fit and competency questions?
For assessment centres in Equities Research, should I do in-depth research for different industries in the UK or in the globe? What else should I prepare to standout from others apart from demonstrating my competencies, doing detailed research on the company and its research division?
Advice more than welcomed.


Have you had a look at what’s in this forum? I think quite a few people have interviewed there. Also, take a look at the [[Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)]] profile page on WikiJob. Even in a face-to-face interview I’d still expect them to ask similar questions that you would have gotten in a [[telephone interview]].

As an aside note, companies usually do [[telephone interview]]s because they’re cheaper- it’s a little funny they should be doing face-to-face in the current climate, [[Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)|RBS]] of all banks!


I apply for the risk analyst position, and they ask me to have face to face interview and numerical test as well