RBS Easter Insight Week


Hi guys,

I applied for an Easter Insight Week at RBS for GBM Operations and I’ve been invited for a final round assessment centre on Tuesday in Manchester. I’ve had no telephone interview or online tests and have been invited straight there so I’m not 100% sure about what the process is like. I’ve been told I’ll be there for 2-3 hours and have:

-A technical interview
-A competency interview.

Could anyone shed any light on what these will be like, what types of questions I’ll be asked and what they look for most in a candidate? Also, I do a degree in Chemistry, and although I’m interested in the financial world, I’m not exactly an expert on it, hence me applying to the Easter week to learn more about it, so when they say I’ll have a technical interview, will this be economics based, or just about the way the company works and maybe some maths problems, etc.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hey there, I have also been invited for a final round assessment centre in Tuesday in Manchester. I have also been a bit worried about the whole assessment process because I haven’t done any online tests either. Do you know if it will include group exercises, role plays or presentations because I have done a bit of research and most other assessment centres follow that structure


Hey, I think it’s literally just 2 interviews and the roleplay and presentations, etc. are for the bigger summer internships. Are you staying in a hotel the night before and what degree do you do? :slight_smile: