RBS Criteria?


Hi guys,

Having been unsuccessful in my job hunting last year I am now starting my applications for 2010 roles.
I took onboard the feedback I did get last year, got myself a First class degree and am currently working in a finance office to gain experience.

Now I applied to RBS last night, the finance scheme, and the criteria on the website states:
2:1 degree, 300 UCAS points, a numerical A level
Experience working in a professional environment desirable

I got an email literally 20 mins ago (applied last night at 22:30) saying I failed to meet the criteria for the programme. My question is what are the criteria? does anyone know/has anyone been successful?

I’ve got a 1st, 384 UCAS points (or 419 including my Int2 Maths) and am currently working in a finance office
I can only think my C at higher maths may be an issue, but surely gaining a first shows this may have been a blip?

I’m a bit confused :S


chris, sorry to here that…
was that a-level higher maths? If so I can see no logical issue with that.
and I have a feeling by the 300 UCAS points they mean from 3 A-levels. Employers have got a bit lax with how they describe it! But I think the typical opinion is X points from 3 a-levels.
Keep applying, good luck.


Thanks Ucayman

Well I sent them a message through the application centre communication thing, and I got the usual response back ‘due to large numbers of…’

So I tried phoning them and spoke to someone who initially tried to give me that line too, but I explained my confusion to him, saying that the site only states the need for a 2:1, 300 points etc. He then asked for my name and looked up my application and came back saying it’s 300 points from top 5 highers.

So it looks like having any more than 5 highers is useless with RBS, and he proudly stated that meant I have 288 points, therefore unsuccessful! lol
Never mind the First or the office experience…12 UCAS points ruins my chances…I hate grad applications lol

What can you do but keep plugging on!


that’s annoying… But plenty more programmes out there. What sort of roles you going for? Finance depts. in businesses and/or accounting firms?
Couple of days back got an email from BP saying their scheme is now open for applications, it’s a good scheme but I don’t know the requirements. (was the one I really wanted to get on to last year but failed at the assessment centre).
good luck, it will come good in the end.


I’m applying mainly to ICAS roles, so accounts firms and any large company that offers this training. I’ll be applying to BP too but that will be more speculative than anything, I’d imagine competition for there will be pretty fierce.

It’s annoying because I got through to the final stage with KPMG just last week and missed out on an offer by effectively 3 points, which is annoying also.

Hopefully this isn’t an omen for my job hunt!

What company did you eventually get into?


RBS. my induction starts on Monday! sounds like me, get so close yet so far… I lost count of the number of rejections but never lost the faith and found something eventually.


Hey Chris,

That’s harsh from RBS, I’m not a fan of how the HR departments treat people as statistics…I wonder how many of them have >2:1. Also, by their logic, they wouldn’t employ Hugh Laurie!



The same thing happened to me as well. However, I passed the online test last year and got a telephone interview. Is it so weird that they just reject me straight away!


Reading all of these comments I feel there are varying standards on dealing with A level (or equivalent) results. It is ironic that I passed the screening process with GS, DB, RBS, CS and Deloitte (even Lazard last year). However, I failed with KPMG and E&Y!!! My advice would be to keep applying for all the various roles which are available and surely you will get somewhere. If you do not apply; you can not even get the chance to be rejected. All the best.


Thats unlucky Chris, but like what most people saying, just keep trying! I am in a simliar positon to you, myself having 2:1 Degree, 300 UCAS points from 3 A levels, But C in GCSE Maths and English, which excludes me from 3 of the big 4. So my only option there is PwC. It is frustrating but there plenty of other schemes/firms out there but we can still apply for.


I’ve got to say, the requirements for the RBS grad scheme are stringent to say the least. I’ve just been rejected because my CV ‘lacked sufficient relevant work experience’ despite having spent some time at Citi, perfect academic record, Oxford 2:1 and three presidential/treasurer roles on the CV.

Be warned kids, you need to get those internships to be in with a real chance at the job you really want!


Does anyone have any idea when the deadline is for the RBS online tests? Ive applied last week for 2010 finance grad program and just a few days ago i got through to the next stage which is a test…they didnt specify a deadline which i thought might have been odd…


I’d recommend you do it as promptly as possible (definitely within 7 days of the invite). I’d make sure you do a couple of practice tests on wikijob, the shl website or elsewhere (your uni might careers dept. have practice tests) beforehand, to get your mind thinking in the right manner for optimum performance. Good luck with your test(s?)!! and the rest of the RBS process and any other applications you have going. (PM me if you have any questions)


what’s the next step after the personality test?