RBS / Coutts Summer Internship



I have my telephone interview with RBS / Coutts within Private Banking and Wealth Management soon. There seems to be a lack of information online, in particular compared to all the information about IBD applications. Therefore I was hoping that people who have had their graduate / internship telephone interview could clarify some bits. In particular:

  • What sort of questions were you asked?

  • Did you find any particular source of information especially useful? I have looked at the traditional Bloomberg, FT, RBS website, etc. as well as sites such as wallstreetoasis and thewealthnet but would I feel like I need some more sources.


Hi, I passed the telephone interview last year it was very simple.

However, the guy on the phone is from a call center or something and writes down everything you say word for word. So you can literally read your answers from sheets of paper.

I was asked about a time I led a team, what was my proudest achievement?

Why coutts? why PB/ WM, r(emember this graduate programme is purely PB it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WM!)

I remember speaking about the internships I completed.

I don’t remember much it was over a year ago but he definitely did not ask me anything technical or markets based. So make sure you know why coutts, why RBS, why WM/PB, what is WM/PB

Tips for the Assessment centre

There’s a maths test, its not like the online shl/psl/ elements stuff, its v. weird I cant explain it. But you get a booklet with lots of data then you have to calculate some stuff. I remember reading thread on wiki jobs last year so search, someones already posted about it.

Role play- MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ALL OF THEIR SERVICES IN SIDE OUT! You enter a room, get given a brief, read it for 10 minutes then an actress enters the room. Make sure you greet her, ask her to take a seat and offer her water. I had a lady who had just won the lottery. She was also a small business owner and had 2 children. You have to speak to her about her options, advise her on how she should save/ spend/ give away etc.

Group exercise- Standard exercise I honestly don’t remember the scenario but I remember there was some data- calculations were involved.

Interview- Its v. structured, theres literally no interaction with the interviewer. He has several sheets of a4 paper and asks you questions then writes down everything you say.

He asked me why PB? why Coutts? what issues will affect the industry- so regulation etc, then a few competency questions. Also brush up on whats going on in the markets, know all your competency answers inside out(leadership, team work, organising etc) and know motivations for the role. I wasn’t asked any technical questions.

Feel free to message me if you have any more qs, I might remember more.

Good luck!


Wow! This was some incredible advice, really spot on what I was looking for. Some of these factors I had not taken into consideration during my preparation so far so I will get on that right now. I really appreciate the offer to message you with any further queries! May very well take you up on that!


Yeah go for it, private message me because I wont look at this thread again.

Good luck!