RBS/Coutts 2010


Has anyone else passed the telephone interview with RBS or more specifically Coutts this year? Apparently having done so doesnt guarantee you an assessment centre? Would love to hear about other peoples experiences with RBS/Coutts for intake 2011… have their been any assessment centers yet? How soon after passing the interview on the phone did you get invited to an assessment centre? Are there assessment centers coming up in the near future? And also your experiences from the assessment centers.

Your thoughts are all appreciated…


Hello everyone,

as I will soon have to attend RBS Ability Center I have several questions regarding the ABLE Financial Appraisel Test. I have not fully understood yet what kind of test it is? Is it a financial test? Will I need to use financial knowledge, e.g. multiples, ratios? Is there really no way to prepare?

I am extremely thankful for any reply.



Has anyone got through to the assessment centre stage with Coutts/RBS for their wealth management programme? I got an email saying they would update me at the end of the month but didnt know whethere anyone else had anything more affirmative?



has anyone attended an Assessment Center for RBS GBM Banking yet and could share some information about it?

Mine is coming up soon and I would be very thankful for any help.



Does anyone how much one might earn as a first year Analyst at RBS GBM?


Thank you!!!



Yeah it seems like a strange situation tbh, I got through the phone interview stage but have been waiting for any sort of update for about a fortnight…

Ah well I’m sure they have a lot of applicants (I applied to RBS Wealth Management), it’s just not good for my nails…




Is anybody else still waiting for an update on RBS Wealth Management? The last I heard from them was the end of November! I know that the assessment centers aren’t until mid January…maybe they’ve gone home early for christmas!


Hi everyone,

Just got an email regarding AC on Feb, I took a phone interview on the 15/12. Hope this helps :slight_smile:




I got an email today as well for an AC, which date did you go for. Would be good if anyone who did it last year, or who has an AC before mine could give any advice or tips on it, beyond the information in the graduate assessment centre guide.

Good luck to everyone


Hey when have u guys booked in for the AC?


Hi i booked the 7th Feb one, how about you? :slight_smile:



I’m also on the 7th. Like their travel service, flight and hotel booked and I didn’t have to do a thing.

You going to the open day as well on the 27th?


Yea I’m probably going to the open day how about you? So you are studying in the UK or overseas? And do you know how many graudates RBS gonna take for the PWM this year? Good luck to both of us. :slight_smile:


By the way, could anyone attended the RBS AC for PWM provide some tips? Many thanks!


Yeh going to the open day, my flights are booked for it but have you actually heard anything more about it yet? It says we would hear more in January but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I’m studying in St Andrews. I am sure I read somewhere that they only take in 10 people each year, so I feel competition will be fierce for it.

What about you, UK/overseas?


So you are flying to London twice? I haven’t heard of anything yet. I’m studying in the UK too. I don’t know how many candidates RBS invited to AC in PWM, I talked to the guy on the phone and he said they would take around 50 out of 200 in the phone interview, and I guess its the whole UK intake. By the way, I think we are not the first around AC in PWM, probably some places have already been filled up, thus it may be less than 10!


Hi, am going to the open day too so see you there.

I wonder wht it is going to be like…Not every program does an open day before the AC!


Im booked for the 3rd!
Also do u know what tests we will have to take. Do we need to redo the numerical?


Hi Zoyak,

I don’t think we need to take numerical test again. I guess you already got the RBS AC information regarding the Group exercise, Individual meeting, Situational Interview and Financial Appraisal. The most relevant test similar to numerical should be the financial appraisal, heard that it involved of quite many calculations though. Hope it helps a bit. See you in the open day :slight_smile:


See you tomorrow! (well, not that I will know who u are!)