RBS Business Services Leadership Programme 2012


Hi all,

I had my telephone interview yesterday for BSL programme so thought I would share the questions as I wasn’t able to find any information about this programme when I was looking!

The interview was in two parts and I was told that if I didn’t pass the first part, I wouldn’t progress to the second part.

The first part asked:

What do you know about the programme you have applied for?
How will your degree help with this programme?
Why RBS?
What skills have you developed from previous employment that will help you in this programme?

Then the second part asked:

Tell me about a passion of yours?
Tell me about an achievement you are proud of?

It was actually quite a nice interview! Has anybody else had an interview or assessment centre?



I did my psychometric test and still haven’t heard anything from them either way. How long was it after you completed your psychometric test till they got back in touch with you?


Thanks for the post, I have my phone interview tomorrow and will update with my questions and how it went.

I believe the psychometric test was the fist of three tests. I took the psychometric, analytical and verbal exam before being invited to the phone interview. All tests I heard back within 24 hours about the next step.


Had an interview for BSL program. It completely followed the structure outlined in the email,hence you can prepare almost everything upfront. In the first part u have to show enough knowledge of the program and company in order to proceed to the next part.

I presented several history facts some information from youtube videos,but mainly just used their site extensively and that was enough.

The second part I would suggest thinking about your hobby a lot,as u need to tailor it to the skills they might need and also show that you are an interesting person . I believe I didn’t manage to do this part well.

Overall it was very friendly, the interviewer keeps up with a pace quite good,just make sure you make some pauses or ask him once in a while if he is keeping up with you.


Hi guys,

Just finished my numerical test and I dont think I did well. Can anyone tell me if RBS send out instant rejections if someone fails the test or do they take time?


I did my test late afternoon on a Sunday and heard the news around 3pm Monday. Was impressed how quickly I heard!

Anyone here on an A/C?


hi all,

You all got some valuable information posted here cheers for that

However I just wanted to know what would be the best possible way to answer these questions or What are they looking for in our answers? as you all have given your telephone interviews if you could please share your ideas or give any suggestions it would be great as I have my telephone interview very soon.



has anyone got any ac so far?


It’ll be great to know who’s going for the a/c. please share.


@Spawn :

Have you done your telephone interview ? how did it go

do you have any suggestions to answer the questions

please let me know I have mine soon



Hi - i had my a/c last week (wednesday). Still waiting for the feedback!


I had my telephone interview in November which I passed but now keep getting emails saying I am still under consideration for a/c but they haven’t decided due to the large volume of high quality applications! Tbh given how long it has been since the telephone interview I thing it is unlikely I will get a/c. I do think it’s quite shocking to keep me waitin this long for an answer tho really!


I had my telephone interview start of december, and had 3 emails saying to was still under consideration. Then friday 13th got a call for the assessment centre the following wednesday.

Talking to the recruitment people it seems literally they do 1 or 2 assessment days at a time, and then if they havent filled the spaces with those people they do some more. It is a weird way of doing it, but it also means they don’t take people to an assessment day unless there is a good chance of getting the job - if that makes sense!

I agree it is crazy to keep people waiting without really explaining why.


as in 13th of january!


Hey Kat182,

Was wondering if you could say how the a/c was, as in how the day was laid out and what kind of things you had to do. I have mine coming up soon for property services and am extremely nervous! Did you have to do any prep, i.e. for presentation, as far as I can tell I do not need to and I asked the RBS recruitment team and they said everything I needed to know was on my invite email which is very vague! Thanks would appreciate your comments and good luck on getting in!


No idea how I did but here’s what we did!
12 people, split into two. It’s made clear you aren’t competing so it’s a good idea to make friends as this helps for the group discussion. You will have about 45mins to discuss different proposals for an area of the business, you are given all the information, and the idea is you each propose an idea, and listen to each other thn chose the most realistic/best one for what u want to do.

Key here was to pay attention to what they assess you on. They tell you this before hand, ie. team work.
So get your point across but listen too.

The interview was the same as telephone but also had situational questions. So imagine you are leading a team etc. everyone in my ac said the interview was very simple and friendly, so should be okay for u too!

Lastly we did the role play, once again, nothing you can prepare for tonight. They give u all the info you need. Basic concept we had was a member of the team you manage is not hitting targets and you are given 20mins meeting with him (a current graduate acts out the role!) idea is to test ur management skills and how you deal with conflict or issues.

That’s my wee description. It is different for each programme so I can’t say it will be h same, but really if you look at he assessment day guide they send you (or might send! I got mine the night before) it lays out exactly wht thy are looking for.

Good luck!



Thanks for the info. Didnt you guys have the ABLE test? I thought it was part of the AC for the BSL programme.


Not this year, I don’t know about other projects, but BSL aren’t doing the able this year!

We were all very pleased!


Interesting!!..Am not complaining either. Thanks again Kat182


Recently I have had my assessment centre. So, no more burdens to speak out loud. Here I am posting this long essay for those who have assessment centre in the future or believe him/herself to be eligible for this job.

Trust me, you have very less possibility of success if you are not a Scottish decedent. This is just a personal statement, I can’t show you any statistics but I felt this is true. Being British will give you some competitive edge but being a foreigner will not be suitable here. So, don’t waste your time with extra hope of performing. (This is just a personal feeling. Might not be true at all.)

The telephone interview was easy. She/He will ask you straight forward questions about your reason of applying RBS and BSL. Then you have to speak about one of your passions or hobby. You will expect few more questions like why this is your passion and how will you make people aware on this issue.

I guess if you write the answer downs before the telephone interview, it will be easier. She/He will write down you answers precisely. So, do not hesitate to repeat your answers if you are required. The demand for BSL posts are not too high I guess, so, it won’t be hard to pass through this stage if you are sincere.

You will meet lots of Scottish people on the whole. I like their accent though. You will receive every details of the assessment centre via email. Please go through the catalogue book that they will provide you. On the day, there will be two persons who will brief you and say, they are not assessors but they just facilitators. Though I believe, they had some roles in the whole process too. There are three parts at the a/c. The group exercise at the beginning is crucial. All of you will be given some projects. Afterwards you will get 40 minutes to convince other assesses on the table and get your project supersede theirs. Their will be an allocated fund for your department, so, keep in mind, not everyone’s project will fit the fund. So, try pushing other people, especially those who are over smart.

Other two stages will be individually assessed. Don’t worry about them. Next one could be a role playing where a person called Sam will meet you personally. He/She is a demotivated employee. You will be given the scenario. You just have to motivate that person. Fairly easy. The third assessment could be, the one-to-one interview. It is something like a telephone interview. The extra thing here is a situational question (something like, two managers had conflicts, how would you resolve that) which is easy to figure out.

They have written on the guidelines something like, “if you cannot do well in the first part of the assessment, you will get chances to overcome in the next two tests” , which I believe is completely impossible. Also, they said they will take everyone if you meet the benchmark. I have a little doubt on this statement as well. It’s just a personal opinion. Business Services Leadership is comparatively easy than the other department but remember what I said in beginning of the second paragraph.

Try your best, give your best shot and supersede others. That’s the golden rule of winning.