RBS Business and Commercial Interview Process


Used this site extensively whist applying and just recently received an offer from RBS for B&C so if anyone has any questions regarding the process, give me a shout.

First Round was tests - had the tricky RBS numerical tests, thought I failed it but obviously not!

Telephone Interview - straight forward, exactly as the instructions said they would be like. Basic competency questions regarding team-work, managing work loads and a couple of other very standard ones. Also basic interview questions like Why RBS, Why B&C, etc. and then the longer bits which I can’t remember much about.

AC - Had a competency based interview with the same basic interview qs like Why RBS, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where else have you applied? Then 2 proper competency qs, one on team work and one on balancing priorities. Both examples had to be outside of studies which made them tricky but otherwise ok. Group exercise was allocating a fixed sum of money to improve performance of about 6 call centres. Everyone was allocated a specific improvement idea which required a certain amount of money - some more expensive than others and common data about performance indicators regarding the call centres. Standard group exercise etiquete and thoughtful insight into data should get you through this. Then individual presentation. We had 75 minutes to analyse a pack of data about a client and had to analyse the risks to RBS, issues facing the business and come up with some qs to ask the CEO of the fictional company. This was very time pressured and whilst they said no financial knowledge was required, knowing about balance sheets, accounting ratios and how debt/equity affect structure would be very helpful. Also it was a manufacturing company so depreciation is another big one as they had 6 factories or something.

All in all challenging process but doable with prep. Great company to work for, everyone was very friendly and helpful and the package was quite good - about 35k all in.

Good luck and hope this helps!


Hi darety123 - I have been waiting on notification for assessment centre date for 2 weeks. How long did it take for RBS to get in touch? I have applied for B&C in Birmingham, which office have you gone for? £35k is decent, was expecting nearer £25k!


Went for London and there’s an extra London allowance, otherwise its 32.5. I was very lucky and got another offer so I had to turn them down as there was only a 1 in 3 chance of me being able to stay in London, most probably would have had to move to Manc or Bham.

After I passed the phone interview, it took quite a while for them to get back to me but Christmas was in the way. They called me about 5 days before the AC and I had to confirm, no booking dates for me.


Congratulations darety123! Well done. I have been asked to attend the B&C AC this thursday, and this is my first one, very nervous now. especially worried about the individual presentation and role play. I would be grateful if you could give some more details and advice on this part. Thanks


Hi Darety123,

Just had the call from RBS to book my assessment centre date. In for 22nd February in London. Thanks for putting all the info onto this thread, sure it will be a massive help for my preparations!



Hope it went well yy2ae!


Thanks toms1234, I have passed my AC and got an offer in Edinburgh office. The whole process is the same as Darety123 explained as above. I really appreciate Darety123’s advice. Good luck to toms1234.


Hi all, I have an AC for the Business & Comercial banking summer internship on Wednesday the 28th in London. Has anyone else been invited to this? Can anyone give any hints or tips? Are we likely to be asked to do numeracy tests?




who’s now in the middle of the Pre-Employment Screening for B&C Banking 2012?
where will you people be based?

I will be in Birmingham!



I attended an assessment day in early December for this scheme, was given a ‘maybe’; basically depends on benchmarking. Still to hear back positively or negatively, is anyone else still in the same boat?


Hi Bisteph i’ll be starting on Sept 10 in London for training, but will be working in Manchester after that.

Anyone else going to be in Manchester?


Hey what university did everyone go to?


anyone had a telephone interview for the corporate banking scheme yet?