RBS Assistant Relationship Manager Apprenticeship




I have applied to the RBS Assistant Relationship Manager Apprenticeship scheme and am at stage 4 (telephone interview). I am quiet nervous and worried about the telephone interview and what they will ask. If any one has any tips or help, would be really appreciated, they sent this in a confirmation email.


“The Telephone Interview usually lasts around 30 minutes, and consists of three questions.
Each question has been designed to explore different aspects of what makes an apprentice successful within RBS.
The interview will involve talking about the apprenticeship programme that you have applied to and how it fits with your career aspirations and experience. You will also be required to answer two competency questions around the subjects of “I Build Relationships” and “I am Open Minded”.
Please be aware that we place a strong emphasis on a candidate’s knowledge of and prior engagement with RBS and its brands. We are also looking for people who will fit in well with our business. Accordingly, if you do not demonstrate the level of understanding we are looking for in the first section – or the competencies we require in the second – we may not continue to the end of the interview.”