RBS AC (Presentation)


I have final round at RBS for a summer internship position. I wanted to know more about the presentation. If someone could provide me with details of there experiences . Thank you


What department are you gonna be in? Cos it varies depening on whether ur applying for GBM or Group internship


hi there… i am being invisted for verbal and numeric tests…
could you please tell me from where can i practise these tests…


There a section on WikiJob called [[aptitude tests]].


dkotecha - check [[presentation]] for general info and the [[RBS]] wiki profile for more specific stuff.

Rachana Somaiya - Go to the wiki section called [[aptitude tests]] or more specifically [[numerical reasoning]] + [[verbal reasoning]]. You’ll find free practice tests here.


Hi everyone!

I’ve got an AC at RBS (Global Markets) for a summer internship position. It should comprise of a case study presentation, group exercise, interview and aptitude test.

Does anyone know anything about the aptitude test and the presentation? Would you like to share your experience?

Any tips would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot and good luck to all who have their ACs coming…