Rbs ac 2014



Has anyone done an AC this year? Got one for Risk on the 10th and would appreciate any advice.


Have you heard back yet ?


Yeah, I got the job. Have you?


Hey, have an AC for finance tomorrow - any tips?


Congrats on the offer, vojta. I attended the AC as well, but haven’t heard back from them yet, I suppose that doesn’t mean anything good. Did they call you or send you an email?


They called me friday mourning.

As for the finance AC it will be completely different in comparison to risk. You will most likely have a competency interview, presentation and group task


anyone received offers for finance?


anyone applied for 2014 operations london got invited to assessment centre? I had my phone interview 1 week ago, got told i passed the phone interview but couldnt guarantee a place for ac yet.


having an AC for Trading London nxt Friday, anybody else ?


I have my AC for Summer Capital Markets on Wednesday October 23rd. Anyone else? And anyone has some advice? Thanks


Could you please share your experience in passing through an assessment center for Risk?



Got my phone interview for the program next Monday! Do you remember the questions, any tips etc?


Hi .F.
How did the AC for Trading go ?



Did you go through the phone interview? What was is like?



How long did it take for people to hear if they passed the logical?


Anyone got an AC on the 19th of this month?


yes, I did)


is it for Risk?


hey can anyone provide any information on how the assessment centre for risk is structured and any tips for preparation?



Keep calm:) See u tomorrow:)