RBS ABLE Financial Appraisal Test


Hello everyone,

I have applied for a Graduate Programme GBM Banking at the RBS in London and was invited to an Ability Center. As it is stated by RBS I will have to complete a numerical test (SHL), a structured interview and an ABLE Financial Appraisel Test. Unfortunately there is not much information out there regarding the ABLE Financial Appraisel Test. Does anyone know what it is about, how one can prepare and whether financial knowledge is needed to complete it?

I would be extremely thankful for any help regarding the test and the ability center at RBS.



is there any way where u can practice fr these tests???



as I have taken and passed the tests now. I would say that you cannot practice for it, but that there is also no need to do so. Don´t worry about it. I was worried and then realised it can be conducted with basic mathematical knowledge and basic analytical skills…



Hey Vici,

Congrats for passing the tests successfully! I will do the same thing next week! Can I ask you for a sample question (if you remember) or just if it is similar to the numerical tests… And were you allowed to use your own calculator?



Hey Eindruck,

I am unable to provide you with any sample questions, it is just impossible to describe this test in a perfect manner. But please believe me, that you will not need to practice. It only involves a normal sense of maths and the ability to organise your time. You are not allowed to use a calculator, but you will not need one as well. So, I hope this helps. You will understand afterwards, that it is extremely hard to sum this test up into one post without using drawings and more. Good luck.



Thanks Vici,

I hope I will be also so relaxed after the test :wink: One more last question: you told me there is no calculator allowed in this Financial Able test, what about the numerical test?



What is the pass mark for the test? Is it multiple choice? How many questions are there and how much time available?




No calculator allowed.

I do not know about the pass marks.

It is no multiple choice.


Good luck!!!


Uh sorry… Calculator in numerical test: Yes!!!


Does anyone how much one might earn as a first year Analyst at RBS GBM?


Thank you!!!


Just wait for your contract.


How do you know I will receive one?


Your excited triple post made it seem you have just been offered the position.


Haha… I just try to gather information as efficiently as possible. So, do you know an answer to my question?


Sorry, I’m not sure. You can be sure of a handsome income, though.


I would be delighted to receive a handsome income :wink: Thank you.


Wouldn’t we all. Good luck.


I heard GBM pays around 38K


would anyone like to give details on the abiliy centre in terms of how hard it is, howlong it takes, how tiring it is and do you meet new graduates also? It’s a bit messy for me as I will have to take a plane, so just wondering do they cover expenses?


Hi all…

I have an ability center in London coming up on Jan 21. I am slightly concerned about the ABLE Financial Appraisal test. Can anyone clarify how hard it is and waht advance prep require. I will really appreciate it.