RBS Ability Centre 2013 Questions here!


I thought I would give everyone a heads up as to the questions I was asked.
Got rejected, not a clue why as thought it all went well so going to help others!
PS: Copy these quickly

Q1) Tell me about yourself?
Q2) Tell me about your work experience?
Q3) Tell me about your passion?
Q4) Tell me about your greatest achievment?
Q5) How would you value a company?
Q6) How many people in the UK cycle to work?
Q7) You are acting on behalf of a telecommunications company looking to purchase another telecommunications company as RBS what would you put in the proposal?
There were 8 questions can’t remember the last one!
Hope it helps


Hi! Sorry to hear about the rejection :frowning:

Was this the assesment centre?

What did you apply for?


Hi… Really sorry to hear about the rejection and really appreciate the guidance…

Could you please tell me how soon after completing the tests did you hear back to book your telephone interview?

Thanks… any help would be appreciated


Hey guys,

I’ve just finished my (UK Retail Grad scheme) Graduate Scheme telephone interview… i was just wondering if anyone knows how long it took to get a reply.

I don’t think i did well as i messed up one question!



Hi guys, also thought to share my experience at the RBS ability centre for the international banking graduate scheme. There were 2 parts to it, a numerical reasoning test and a face-to-face interview.
The numerical reasoning test consisted of 20 questions to be solved in 20 minutes.
The interview on the other hand lasted about 45 minutes and I was asked the following questions

  1. What has RBS been in the news for recently?
  2. Vehicle A, travelling at 500m/h sets out on a journey and vehicle B travelling at 600m/h sets out 30 mins after on the same journey> How long will it take vehicle B to catch up with Vehicle A?
  3. How do u cut a round piece of cake into 8 equal pieces with just 3 cuts?
  4. Tell me about a subject u are passionate about
  5. What is ur proudest accomplishment till date?
  6. Tell me about 3 of ur skills that need to be developed?
  7. What makes u different from other applicants?
  8. What do u know about IPO?
  9. What do u know about discounted cashflow?

Hope some! finds this useful & good luck!


Hey guys,

I received an email saying my application met the benchmark (after telephone interview)… does anyone know when the invites or when the UK Retail Graduate scheme assessment centre starts???

It said although i passed i’m not 100% guaranteed a place at the centre




Hi DejaaeFard, how long after the tests did you hear for the telephone interview? What sort of questions did they ask in the telephone interview? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I learnt everything there was to know about RBS… really but forgot to learn key facts about

I would say get to know everything about the department part of the industry you are applying to.


  1. Why RBS (you will 100% get this so know what to say)

  2. What do you know about this department

Then you have competency questions… the usual…

Then number 3 you have to speak about your greatest achievement…

Tbh once you get a reply from your tests (which should be within a couple of days) and you’ve booked your interview you will get a guide of whats going to appear in the interview.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciated! Out of curiosity which division have you applied to?


Hi there, thanks for the help!
How many competency questions were there?
And do you remember what they mainly were?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I was applying to UK Retail,

Has anyone been invited to the assessment centre yet? i’m worried i have not made it through


Hey guys,

I was applying to UK Retail,

Has anyone been invited to the assessment centre yet? i’m worried i have not made it through


Anyone been invited to the assessment centre yet?


I have been told i met the criteria after the telephone interview, however i have yet to receive an invite to the UK Retail Assessment centre… anyone else? Gradd2012?


Hi guys, had my ability centre some time ago, just to clarify it for anyone interested, the questions I was asked in the interview were pretty much the same as those mentioned above…The cake question seems to be a standard one! in overall I can say it was a fun experience :slight_smile:


Hey Pweetypie, thx for sharing. Have you heard back from them after the ability center? wonder what the assessment center is like :slight_smile:


after how long you submit your application form did you receive the test invitation? thanks


@bcacsc … You are amazing! Bless :slight_smile: