RBS Ability Center


Has anyone attended the ability center held at RBS before? The information released on their website shows there will be a aptitude test followed by an interview. I am wondering about the aptitude test. Is it include verbal, numerical and diagrammatic test? Can anyone also share the type of questions that will be asked during the interview?

The link regarding the ability center is:

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you got invitation to it?
what position did you apply to? which office?
thanks…good luck with that


Risk, London Office.

Do you have any advice?


just completed psychometric test with them
quite similar to USA logical test staff
dont know whether its the same thing


Hi paulwalker. Did you do the test in their office or online? Which division do you apply?


I did it online
I guess we are not talking the same thing

anyway good luck


Hi jobinbank,

I have been invited to the ability centre too, I’ve applied for Group Communications, London.
What date are you booked in for? I was wondered what to expect also! We have a presentation fom RBS at university next week, i’m hoping to stick around afterwards to ask some questions. Hopefully know more by then, although it could be different for different divisions.

Good luck!


Hi jobinbank,

when are you going to take the test? I am invited to it as well, on Nov 1st:)


what roles did you guys apply ?


hi guys, just wondering how long after the tests did you have to wait until you were invited to the ability centre? anyone applying for rbs finance?


anyone applied for internships and heard back yet?


Hi! I am also invited to the ability centre in 10 days. I have applied for the risk programme. Can you give me a clue what to expect?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

as I will soon have to attend RBS Ability Center I have several questions regarding the ABLE Financial Appraisel Test. I have not fully understood yet what kind of test it is? Is it a financial test? Will I need to use financial knowledge, e.g. multiples, ratios? Is there really no way to prepare?

I am extremely thankful for any reply.



hi vici, the able test is all about abstract info from reading materials and use them. There is no need for financial knowledge revision.
Actually the problems are kind of easy,but always be ware of the time left. Plus seems there is a pass ratio so no need to finish all of them.

Good luck for your Ability Centre:)



Hi yangyu! Have you attended the ability centre for risk programme? What about the interview? Does it include technical or just competency questions? How long afterwards do they let you know if you were successful or not? Thanks in advance!!!


Dear yanyu,

thank you so much for your help. Have you already attended the ability center at RBS? If so, could you share some information whether there is any financial knowledge required or is it solely HR based at this stage? I have applied for GBM Banking.

Thank you!!!


Hi everyone

I have the ability test centre too.

does anyone know what kind of questions we will be asked in the interview?
and what tests we will have??


Does anyone how much one might earn as a first year Analyst at RBS GBM?


Thank you!!!


Hey guys, only just been invited to an ability centre with RBS… Can anyone shed some light on what the day entails and any tips would be greatly appreciated also,



@ Froo22

I have to attend ability centre for the group communications programme…from what I read by this time you must have aready done yours …can u particularly tell me about the tests that u had to give
Thank you so much