RBS 2020 intake


Hey readers!
Making this new thread as there are no recent discussions available on RBS. I have a video interview lined up, it would be great if someone who has given the VI can share their experience on the questions covered.


Anyone know when ACs start?


Hey have you given your video interview? Can you pls share what type of questions were covered


They were all competency and strength based. 5 questions 2 mins for each. Nothing technical


Has anyone got an update post completing their Video interview


I passed but no guarantee a position on AC, hbu?


I haven’t heard back from RBS since I completed the VI. How long did they take to respond?

Be patient, maybe they will send an invite soon! Good luck


I think 5 days they got back to me after i took it. Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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Did you get the AC invite? Also, you have applied to which role?


Not yet hbu?


You have applied for which role?


Finance london u?


Hi all, anyone waiting to hear back from RBS since completing the VI?


I have finished VI for 2 weeks and have not heared back,really anxious.will RBS refuse me with silence?


What role and location?


Finance intern London


Hi guys, as the previous years threads helped me prepare for my application I would like to share my experience and help others in the process. I was offered a job for London- internal audit and would like to share my experience of the assessment centre.
Group Exercise:
Prepare a strategy to raise funds for a fintech app from 5 different sources.

Competency Based Interview
Tell us about a time when:

  1. You were innovative

  2. A colleague/client didn’t agree with you

  3. Received feedback

  4. Used your knowledge to help someone

Written response:

40 mins to read and write about strengths,risks and challenges, recommendations about expanding the app into a different segment. List the pros and cons and decide whether the firm should go ahead with the expansion.This was the toughest activity as it was time pressed.

One-to-one presentation

Based on the same content, we were given 10mins to prepare a presentation, 5 mins of role play to give brief to the owner of the company and then 15mins of follow up questions.

Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend y’all to be yourself and have fun.
Good luck


Hi there,
Congratulations on your offer! I’m also applying for Internal Audit and I’m preparing for the video interview. Could you share what kind of questions did you get in the video interview? Thank you!


Tbh I don’t remember exactly but there were 7 competency based questions. Prepare examples for teamwork, leadership etc


Does anyone hear anything for A/C -change and business solution yet?
Thank you