Rbs 2019!



Hi, thank you so much for sharing.
Which role did you apply?


Does anyone know when the ACs will be held?
I have heard some roles in London have already had one round.


HI how long you guys heard back after online tests?


This month I heard. But my friend who passed the video interview has not got an invitation to AC yet.


Shortly after, and I was given 10 days to complete the video interview


I have just passed the online assessments and got to the video interview stage, could anyone please share the questions and tips on how to ace this RBS interview. Thank youuu :slight_smile:


Mine had 7 questions. All competency based. So prepare examples when you demonstrated teamwork/leadership/resilience etc.


Did they ask any motivational questions? Like why RbS and why the role etc?


Only “why RBS” as far as I can remember.


Asked me both in my interview


thanks for the heads up


Hi has anyone experienced the AC? and would share some insight in what to expect? would be really appreciated


Has anyone passed the video interview and got the email saying “AC for this position hasn’t started yet?” and that they’re shortlisting people? I’m just wondering how long it’ll be till I hear back


Yes I received the same email. What role did you apply for?


Hey guys, just been told I’m proceeding to the assessment centre. Can anyone give some insight into how to prepare?


which role did you apply for?


Private Banking