Rbs 2019!



Hi guys! Thought I would create one for RBS, if anyone is in the process of applying, feel free to add questions and advice below :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been told today that I’ve passed the video interview. Anyone has an idea when will the AC be around?


Hi, I’ve got a video interview coming up, do you mind sharing what questions were asked. I would appreciate it so much, its literally my first time sitting a video interview and I am so anxious.

Thank you so much!


do you mind sharing what it was like/how we should prepare?
how many questions were there in total?


I don’t have the exact recollection of the video interview.

Thought it was a normal competency based questions, aroudn 7-9.


Hi, I have to do mine as well, how long did you have to wait till they came back to you?


ok, thank you!! did you find any difficult or was it rather straight forward?


Was it competency based or strengths/motivational based?


very straightforward as far as I remember.


I did the internship at RBS the summer just gone and they didn’t hold the assessment centre till late January/february



i just got invited for my video interview. can you please share any questions you think can be useful for my preparation? thanks !


I’ve been invited to video interview too… anyone know how best to prepare? Do we need to know much about the role/firm?


Hey how did the interview go? Would you be able to share some questions please.?


Thanks very much!


Anyone can tell me which type of questions do they usually ask in the video interview? I just an email that I passed the online tests. Thank you guys


Hey can anyone share some questions for the video interview? I applied for Finance.


Failed the numerical reasoning test, no feedback. A bit disappointed about it all to be honest.


I did mine a couple of weeks ago - it’s all competency based questions apart from ‘Why RBS’ and ‘Why did you apply for division’. I had questions like tell us about a time you were innovative, tell us about a time where you had circumstances change last minute, tell us about a time you worked in a team of diverse people, and a question on a time i’ve built a strong relationship with colleagues/customers.

I applied for Private Banking but it might be different for other areas.


Thank you! Do you know how long it takes for them to come back to u after u did the interview ?


Only took around a week!