Rbs 2017



There were 10 questions in total. First one was why my role? the rest were strength based so you cant really prepare. I can give you a few examples to give you an idea.
What does ‘doing the right thing’ mean to you?
How would you deliver important information to someone?
What values/services/products do you value at RBS?
When have you expanded your existing knowledge?

Have some experiences ready


How long did it take for the company to get back to you?/ tell you if you were successful?


Did you guys have to play Skyrise City as a part of the assessment ? Is it after this stage you get invited for a video interview?


Has anyone been invited to an AC yet?


Has anyone applied to the Communications and Marketing Grad scheme? Any idea when the ACs will be held for it?


Not exactly. They sent me an email just now saying that I had passed the Video Assessment stage, however they are further shortlisting candidates and an AC is not guaranteed. They also said they weren’t sure when the Comms&Marketing AC would be held yet so said they would let us know.


Congratulations! Could you please give a bit of example of what was being asked during the video interview? And how long was given to answer each of them? Thank you!


if you scroll down, one of my previous posts gives a bit of info


Anyone else applying for Change and Business Solutions in Manchester? Are they still holding ACs?


Hi Olivia, if possible, could you please share the questions for the RBS video interview?


Has anyone been invited to AC for Risk?I have been waiting for updating for one month.


RBS definitely worst graduate recruiter I have applied for this year. . Got my confirmation I passed video interview in October… got lots of automated emails, telling me to be patient balh. Can they not even decide which month the AC is on?
Walked pass RBS office a few days ago on liverpool street, the logo is replaced by Natwest, apparently closing a lot of branches.


That is because they are primarily rebranding under the Natwest brand in the UK as it holds more brand equity and positive associations with the bank. They are undergoing a huge restructuring to help revitalise their goals of becoming the most trusted bank by 2020. However, I agree with your frustration! I am too receiving many generated emails despite trying to follow up my application!


Hi guys, I would like to share the interview questions here. 9 questions in total, 1 min to prepare for each one and 2 mins for the answers. 1 What do you do at your spare time?
2 If your friends and family ask you why have you chosen banking, what would you say?
3 what RBS appeals you, value/service/products? (I am not sure if I misunderstood it, and I answered RBS’s Value appeals me most)
4 what is your approach to solve problems?
5 How do you ensure you have good knowledge and skills to work with your colleagues?
6 what does ‘doing the right thing’ mean to you?
7 How to ensure you achieve target?
8 What do you think if people say ‘remain unchanged is the best’?
9 When did you have to learn things very quick?
good luck guys!


HI guys, I have been waiting for over a month, wednesday had a AC and today received my offer. Have hope, fingers crossed yours will be soon!


Hey, I have my AC soon. Can you please expand on your experience.
Do you remember what the group task was about? and did the case study involve answering business emails? Also, did they make you do the numerical and verbal tests again? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!


Hi everyone, I’m not sure if I’m on the right page. But hope some of you could help me out.

I applied for the Customer Service Officer role and got an e-mail that says ‘RBS would like you to apply for Specialist and Customer Relationships.’ But also says ‘Thank you for applying for our vacancy’ :confused: I’m rather confused as to wether the two roles are the same just titled differently?

I did the behaviour and numerical assessment and passed. Now moving on to the video assessment which I’m very nervous about as its my first one. Any advice?

Thank you


Hey guys! Is there anyone who applied for the Technology solutions programme? I have an online interview soon and would love some advice if possible. Thank you!


Hey, has anyone been to the AC for Change and Business Solutions? Got my AC on Thursday. Does anyone have any advice? What kinda questions did they ask at the interview?


Hey Tonald Drump, hope your AC went well. Please could you the questions they asked / details of the AC?