Rbs 2017



What location is this for?

I passed my telephone interview 2nd Feb and still waiting! I applied for london


London and I passed my telephone interview way later around 20th Feb… Hopefully they get back to us soon…


Did you get the email today? Saying we are still being considered?


Nopeee… Just to confirm you have applied to private banking Coutts London Graduate Programme right?


got this -


Thank you again for your application to the RBS Graduate Programme in Private Banking Coutts.

So far, you’ve successfully completed every stage. Although you haven’t been shortlisted, we’re still considering you for progression to the stage and will be in touch if you’re chosen to visit an Assessment Centre. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via the Message Centre at https://www.rbsearlycareers.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’ll be in touch with an update as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,
RBS Early Career Recruitment Team


Internship in Commercial & Private Banking


Just to dispel some untruths about there not being anymore ACs. I was just invited today to go to an AC for Commercial Banking. Within the commercial bank, they told me it was for the Corporate Advisory business line. So ACs are still going on ).
Now to the real reason I am here: any tips or advice for the Assessment Centre? Do any of you have experience with case studies in particular?


What location have you applied for?


I applied for London.


Ok cool , grad or intern?


What division did you get the offer for?


Commercial banking Edinburgh


Hey everyone! I attended an AC a week ago and received an offer the next day. I found the information on wikijob + glassdoor extremely useful and I thought I would share my AC experience :slight_smile:

  1. The group task is first and you will be in a group of 5-6 discussing a release of a new mobile phone app. As a group you need to determine what features to include in the first release, which stakeholders to include, how to execute the project, etc. You are given a 5 double-sided Brief, which contains information about different aspects of creating a mobile app (security, NPR technology, etc) as well as loads of statistics, departmental information, and so on. Then the discussion will last for 40 minutes. I highly recommend as a group you really come up with a good starting plan as your presentation will be based on your plan + features. Additionally, there’s a TV that displays extra information that can interrupt the discussion.

  2. The presentation is in the form of a role play in that you are presenting what your group decided to a manager. You get 30 minutes to prepare (and read over additional information) and to write on flipchart paper to bring to the assessor. They take the flipchart paper so try to make it neat but don’t worry about including every little detail. Also, the assessor will purposely put you on the spot and ask you tricky questions. They just want to see how you handle it. In my feedback they said I wasn’t as confident as others with my responses, however they don’t expect you to be excellent at defending your group’s decisions as there aren’t too many opportunities at university to exercise this skill. The questions can be tough BUT don’t let it throw you off, just stick with your group’s decisions and try to answer confidently. I think the presentation is 10 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A.

  3. The interview was short and the easiest task in the day! They only asked me questions around 4 capabilities (focus on customers; enable others to succeed; making sound decisions; and I THINK deliver lasting results) as well as why the scheme and how I did my research. They didn’t ask me why RBS, what I know about them or anything financial at all. There was no situational questions like I had anticipated when I read other people’s experiences. The assessor was incredibly nice and I think being in a comfortable atmosphere helped. They said I scored a 5 :slight_smile:

  4. The case study / written exercise was probably the hardest part but they said I scored a 5! You basically have to answer 3 emails in 1 hour. One is to give feedback to a young colleague, reply back to a business customer who is angry about a cheque payment service not working, and selecting a company for a telecommunications partnership. The partnership email requires a calculation and that will determine which company you will be recommending to a colleague. I believe all emails are weighted equally, so if you think you’re lacking content or can’t think of more to write just ensure you answer to all 3! Additionally, I noticed that the auto-correct was turned off so if you spelt things wrong it wouldn’t tell you.

Hope this helps for anyone who is going to attend an AC :slight_smile:


What role what this for?

Grad or intern?




What role?


Analysis and Business Solutions. I’m pretty sure the AC format is the same for all schemes.


Hi Guys,
I have been informed by the graduate team that for Private banking coutts the assessment center will be running in April and they will be shortlisting the people soon for that. Also, they are very limited spaces and over 120 people for assessment center and they might only be running two assessments center.
Im praying that I get through


Fingers crossed! I’ve been waiting too


ACs for private banking was held in early Feb and I have been told by HR that all positions have been filled