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Discussions and help for RBS 2017 intake :slight_smile:


Hi, just got the email said I passed the telephone interview. And I am waiting for the invitation for AC. I was told it was not open yet.

Applied for London office, anyone in the same boat with me ?


Congratulation! was the questions asked during the telephone interview similar to what it was asked last year? Just submitted mine. Which scheme are you applying to?


Just replied you via PM


Has anyone got any tips for the up-coming numerical test? I’ve sent in my application form and my SJT for Commercial Banking after a couple of technical hiccups! I’m nervous about the numerical test as I feel like it’s difficult to know how hard it will be! Any feedback/reassurance would be welcome!


I think numerical test is difficult for me. But the time is efficient. Because it is timed for each question, you get either 75s or 90s for each question depends on the difficulty. The calculation was not complicated compared to Big 4 accountancy firms online tests, if you applied any of those. I worried about logical test.

RBS uses Talent-Q as the provider for online test, see if you can get a mock test for this on their website. I hope this helps.


Congrats. I have my interview next week and I am already freaking out. Any tips or guidance you can share? What scheme did you apply to ?


Would love to hear the same thing Joyceiera asked!


Anyone like to kindly share some of the Telephone Interview questions they got asked?


It is the same as the questions asked last year, do check out RBS 2016 posts



It is the same as the questions asked last year, do check out RBS 2016 posts


Does anyone know when AC will open for this year?


thanks for your help! The tests definitely were more difficult than typical numerical and logical tests I have done before! Did you have to wait a long time before you got your results? I did them yesterday and still haven’t heard anything, feel like I’ve flopped it to be honest, although most people have said they found it difficult!


Hi there! I got my feedbacks within 3 days. And about 4 days later I got the telephone interview invitation. Probably just because I applied a little bit earlier in Sept. when they were not super busy.


I just got an email from RBS saying that I am still under consideration for AC, anyone have already got the AC invitation? Thx!


Hi, i just wonder if you were asked same questions this year as for last year intake? Thank you.


Has anyone had to play to firefly freedom game, if so would you mind sharing your scores??

  1. The report you’ll get from it shows you other scores (last 10). Some that appeared in my report (in no particular order): 294, 112, 60, 126, 120, 111, 102.


Does anyone know when the assessment centres will begin? It’s been a few weeks since I passed the phone interview and my application has been on hold since then.


Hi, i just wonder if you were asked questions that have been previously posted here?