RBS 2016 Intake



Dear all,

I am going to have a telephone interview with RBS in three days. I really need some past questions or preparation tips!

In 2014, RBS’s interview is divided into 2 parts, of which the first part is career motivation and the second part is competency-based.

Is it the same in 2015? Thanks in advance!!


Hi there

These two threads are a little old, but may still be useful. If you post here, chances are the people involved in those discussions will get back to you. Good luck :slight_smile:




How did you even pass the tests?! They were so hard!! Well done btw :slight_smile:


Hi how was your interview going? I’m having an interview on Friday, and would you mind sharing your experience… like what kind of questions did they ask? I’m quite worried 'cause they are the stength-based…Many thanks!


Which role have you applied for?


Internal audit.


Old but it really helped me prep for it last year (and I made it through to the AC last year).


hey! how was your interview going? would you mind sharing some experiences about that? many thanks!


Hey guys I have finished my RBS’s interview and haven’t heard back from them. RBS has changed their interview process for 2016 intake. RBS changed from competency-based interview to strength-based interview. They will ask something like how do you adapt, how do you deal with challenge, and how do you communicate with others etc., and they will also asked the career motivation, such as, why RBS and why this role. Good luck for your interview!


Thank you so much for this. Did they specify a timeframe in which they would get back to you?


With 5 working days


Just finished my telephone interview this morning. I got the questions like what excites you when facing challenges, how you motivate to do something, a time you fail to meet your skills, a time you coach others, why your chosen service line, why RBS, and some follow-up questions. And I was told that they would inform me of the result within two working days.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That’s really helpful, thank you! What does the question ‘a time you fail to meet your skills’ mean though? :S


Not sure because HR said many questions need to be interpreted by yourself…and this was a followup question of what skills do you have


Oh ok! So basically they asked a sort of general question then followed it up with asking you to explain a more specific time? Do you remember more examples of the general questions? :slight_smile:


Yes they just ask general questions and you need to be as specific as you can. There were so many questions so I can’t remember others…anyway, just be yourself !


Fair enough, I guess it’s just a matter of thinking of what I do best haha. Just one last thing – there was no commercial awareness questions at all was there? Thanks for this!




I just finished my telephone interview.

  • motivations for challenges
  • RBS value,which one motivates you most
  • Why the service line that you choose
  • Have you helped you group members achieve their goal
  • The solution you choose
  • Think broadly to solve a problem
  • How do you set up your target
  • Experience for working in a team with the same goal
  • Persuade others


Hi I have to complete the logical reasoning test soon. I found the practice test quite challenging, do you have any tips on tackling that?