RBS 2015 South Africa Logical & Numerical test. How do I know if I passed or failed?




I was firstly invited for their logical reasoning test around mid December. After completing te logical talent Q test, I immediately received an e-mail from RBS only a day after with a candidate report which showed my performance of logical reasoning test in comparison to the other candidates.

Soon after, I received an e-mail from RBS again to complete the numerical reasoning test.

I finished that, but still not receiving any new e-mails from RBS… and just waiting…

It has been 4 days since I completed the numerical test, but no updates from RBS, such as sending me an candidate performance report for the numerical test I have completed, or telling me to wait because my application is under review.

Do they send out candidate performance report for their online tests only if candidates have passed it??

Does not getting any e-mails from RBS after completing the online tests means my application has been rejected??

It does not say anything but “You have completed both numerical and online reasoning tests” under the application track on their website.

Does anyone have experinece with this?

Thank you, and please share your previous experience.


Hey the same thing happened to me, what happened eventually?