RBS 2014 Finance Telephone Interview


Hi everyone,

I got through to the telephone interview stage

I am just wondering whether anyone had a telephone interview for the 2014 Finance programme.

Would it be possible if you could tell me what questions came up?




I had an interview for operations a few weeks ago. The questions that came up were different from what they described in email. There are mainly 3 parts: why RBS, competencies and a situation specific question. The first two are just generic stuff. For the situation specific question, i got asked: on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you place yourself and give me an example that demonstrate this. Also they told me not use examples from school if possible.
Hope this’ll help.


Sry the question is: on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being standing up for your principles and 10 being agreeing to do sth you don’t agree, where would you place urself?


Hi wangguanyu …So did u clear the phone interview ??? Also i have my phone interview on 12th … Any tips as to what all basics i need to cover for this stage ??


Hi Avni Yes I was told the following day that I’d passed. My tips: you really need to think about why u r applying to rbs & ur chosen division in particular. Be prepared to be asked about your understanding of the division and details of the graduate programme. For competencies, have a few examples on leadership&teamwork and u will be fine. As for the situation specific question, I think the score you gave is not important, the important thing is to have a coherent story to back it up. Be prepared to be probed on what specific actions u took and why.

My experience with RBS has been very good so far. The HR lady who interviewed me was very nice and the response was very swift. Good luck with ur interview on 12th :slight_smile:


Hi rc1234,

Ive also got through to the telephone interview for the rbs finance programme.

Just wondering if you have had your interview yet and if so do you have any tips on what questions will be asked.

Would really appreciate it.


Aj Sol


Hi Avni,

How was your interview, any tips? I have mine coming up shortly. So, any advice would be much appreciated.



Thanks for the tips helped me alot !! Good luck with your AC


Hi Krishna , my interview went well … the HR consultant was very forthcoming and helped me along the way to give him well structured answers.
The key would be to have 3 to 5 structured points for every set of competency … So competencies could be different for each candidate but they all hint at the same theme - Strengths,why rbs , why this industry , talk about ur work ex n what u learn day to day … future plans … very generic and should be simple to track…
Also give the HR person time to type ur answer … be slow n clear with ur answers …


Hi Avni, Thanks for the advice… I am sure this will come handy while preparing… Did you get any response after your interview?



hey guys, I also have a telephone interview coming up for finance. Can anyone tell me which competencies were assessed? so I can prepare my answers…


got invited for assessment centre for internal audit!


Congrats, Intruder. Do any of you know where to find more information about the RBS programme?


Has anyone been to AC yet? How long did you wait between being told that you passed tel interview and finding out if you are making it to AC? thx M


Did you go throught the assesment center yet?


I got told the day after I passed the tel interview, but they said there was no confirmed spot at the AC. However they let me know I had the AC 4-5 days later


The website is enough I guess. I’ve not yet had the AC


Anyone got the offer yet? We were supposed to hear back today or by monday. I’m guessing they would have called the successful people today and are going to contact the rest on monday, which doesn’t really put me in a good position.


Anyone got the invitation of Ops AC?


not yet