RBC IBD 1st round interview



I have my interview with RBC for IBD coming up soon so I was wondering if anyone have any recent experience with them that they are willing to share?

Thank you!


How long did they take to invite you to the first interview after the online tests? Been a few days since I completed them and nothing yet


msra5dk2, it took a couple of days.

TNG, havent had it yet, but apparently they just started this Monday. So if anyone are visiting this post this week, any input would be appreciated. So far the info I have is:
No technical and a large focus on your CV


Had this on wednesday. Very little focus on CV for me, lots of questions on the financial news and current affairs and some thinking on your feet style questions. She also read them off a sheet of paper.

They’re also interviewing a ton of candidates.


This is weird, i applied for the CM 2011 grad program, and all i got was an email saying apps are accepted until nov 12th and i will be contacted by then.
But nothing yet :confused:

Anyway thanks for the info regarding CV/current affairs.


I think the processes are diff for each department, I applied for a role in GM and have just completed the numerical test, but was told i will only be invited to the verbal after the 12th, i.e. once all the apps have been reviewed. This seems a bit silly to me as I might as well complete the verbal, and then they should use those results to compare with the rest! Anyone else got a diff experience within GM?



hey I’m in the same situation, I applied to IBD last week of September and I didn’t get invited to numerical or verbal reasoning at all. I received that e-mail couple days after I applied and havent heard back since. I e-mailed RBC recruitment and they stated that i just have to wait and will get back to me on the 12th… SIGH*


Oh ok good to know, thanks Han.
Yup, guess we’ll have to wait :confused:


Anybody else had their interview yet, i have mine soon.
Just wondering if it is mainly CV and Competency or if it is current affairs and financial news.


@ msra5dk2

I applied for GM and had my interview last week. They’re interviewing for the grad scheme this week and next week as well. Then holding two ACs late November or early December.


I had my first round, was a standard IBD first round. Anyone heard back about the AC?


So I guess people who got the e-mail from RBC stating you will hear the application result by 12th November (which is today) didnt get anything?


The final week of first round interviews starts on monday. Since they would give you more than 24 hours notice you can assume that you haven’t been successful.

Everyone else:

The assessment centres start in december. No-one finds out if they have been invited to one or not until first round interviews finish at the end of next week. I was told this by the interviewer.


That is not true, the interviewer said that people will begin to hear next week that is before interviews r over


What makes you think what the interviewer told you is more reliable than what my interviewer told me?

I’m inclined to think what I was told is more accurate. Why would they start informing people 2-3 days before interviews are over when they can wait just 2-3 more days and then make a decision having interviewed everyone?


well I guess there is no point speculating, lets wait and see and best of luck to those who had the interview!


For what it’s worth I was also told that we would hear this week, before interviews finish. But that was for GM


there wasn’t one sent out for GM


or IBD, deadline has not been extended for IBD


Anyone heard back from them yet?!