RBC First Round Interview?


RBC First Round Interview.

Anyone any experience??? I know that the first round in with HR. Therefore, it must have a proper structure.


Had one for GM earlier in the year. The format was you turned up and were met by HR lady. You then go to the HR suites and have your picture taken ( which we had to sign for… and at this point you realise that they must have interviewed 100+ people for about 5 places judging by the number of signatures! and to an extent so they can remember you when reviewing ).

The interview itself is very structured. The HR lady has a sheet and asks you questions one by one and then takes notes on the sheet. They were all standard competency and bits about the company etc. She does ask you questions like ‘why you over the next candidate’ etc also as well as ’ time in a team etc’ and ‘why rbc.’ ‘tell me about rbc’ etc… I believe that because their 1st rounds run over like 2 weeks or something they seemed to interview loads of people and then review them at the end. Therefore it is important that you make an impact with what you say and also so that the lady can remember you…

Hope that helps.


Hi there, thank you for your advice, was the interview very technical?



i just had my first round interview for risk management and finance at rbccm and i was told i would get the result in 10 days when they finish the two-week first round interview process. i am a bit worrying about it since normally HR would get back to you 1 or 2 days if you were successful…i just hate waiting so long time for the result.


hi, do you mind sharing the interview questions?

Thanks a lot


@callum: please can you share ur experience in the first round interview? Was it compeletely competency based or some of it was commercial awareness as well?


i had mine today for finance and risk mgt, to my surprise no competency at all. they only looked at motivation to apply and my general background and the interview was with hr rather than line manager so nth technical. a few general questions on ‘tell me abt yourself’, ‘why rbc’, ‘what u know abt the role’, ‘did you apply to other banks and wt role’, thats all…


Did they ask you anything on your internship experience or ECA?
Thanks a lot for your share
Highly appreciate!


@kl10: thank very very much, I highly appreicate ur info … Im having mine tmr … hope u all the best tho :slight_smile:


yes, she did ask me abt my internship experience and she also asked if i undertook any internship last summer, which i didnt, and i needed to explain to her why. gd luck


@kl10 I know u already said but just want to confirm whether she asked any commerical awareness question?


cant recall any commercial awareness except explaining this position as a MO function


whats MO function? how long did the interview last?


Could anyone give an insight into what sort of first round questions they give (for GM)?
I am under the impression it is by HR and mainly CV focused and they interview LOTS of people?

Any tips on how to stand out?