RBC Assesment centre


Hi there,

Has anyone been invited to RBC final round? Or know what it consists of from past experiences?



When is your assessment centre? Are they scheduled yet?


Did you get through to thefinal round?


I am wondering the same thing. Has anyone been to an AC at RBS? Insights would be very much appreciated!
On the company’s website, it says AC consists of 5 exercises:

  • The group challenge
  • The presentation/role play
  • Face to face interview
  • A planning and organization exercise (whoever knows what that is?)
  • Numerical test (on paper)

I have never been to any AC before and really want this job. Can anyone give any advice or their experiences at the RBS AC? esp i have no idea on the role play thing and planning exercise.



Are you talking about RBS or RBC?

I could not find that specific information on the RBC website…? When is your face to face interview?


oh no, silly me :frowning: i need to repost my post on a new topic which will sound very similarly to this :smiley: yeah, its for RBS and not for RBC


What was the first round RBC interview like? Is it just competency based? I’ve got mine next week. Any help would be great!


yeah just competency based. They are lovely. Nothing to worry about.


hi everyone

Has anyone had this interview yet? if so, can you give me a few pointers of what questions they asked? any help will be much appreciated.


Re 2013 RBC Capital Markets in London,

For those who had first round interview at RBC office this year, has anyone got invitation for AC yet? Please lets connect and share.

Thank you


hey any advice on how the first interview go ?