RBC 1st Round Interview and Assessment Centre


Has anyone been through RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)'s recruitment process for the Global Investment Banking Programme? If so, which were the main competencies they focused on during the 1st Round interview? and which tasks did they have in the assessment centre? I’ve heard about a group case study - anyone knows what it is about?

Many thanks!



Could u please tell how long it too for them to get back to invite u for AC after ur first interview? Ur input would be deeply appreciated


and anyone in 2013 for RBC AC invitation yet after First round Interview?

lets connect before getting there.


what did you do on the day?


Hey guys,

I have a first round interview coming up with RBC, anyone tell me what questions they asked?



hey how did your interview go? mine is this week…any advice you mind sharing plz? :slight_smile:



What did you apply for?


applied for risk and you?