Raytheon UK telephone Interview and assessment centre

Raytheon UK

Hi Guys,

Wiki jobs has helped me a lot in finding a job. So I want to give something back.

I applied to Raytheon for a Finance Future Leaders programme in November 2012, did tests and phone interview and then did not hear from them until February 2013. The process is pretty standard: application, telephone interview, tests, assessment center (yes in this order, weird…).

In the phone interview they asked some generic competencies questions. In my case they focused a lot on my background as I come from Russia and they wanted to know all about my past passport and current passport. I assume it was all fine as I got to the next stage.

The test is verbal and numerical. Was pretty easy compared to some of the other ones that I’ve done. So don’t worry.

The assessment center consisted of 3 things. Face to face interview, group work, individual presentation preparation and then individual one on one presentation.

The face to face interview was once again pretty standard. Why Raytheon? Why Finance? Why CIMA? They also asked some competency questions. They really want to demonstrate that you are excited about innovation.

In the group exercise we needed to work out which company to merge with based on the information given to us.

For the presentation we were given 1 hour to prepare a presentation based on provided material plus own knowledge. The title was “The benefits of Innovation”. I spoke about Raytheon’s innovations and innovations in general.

I did not get this job and the feedback was pretty unspecific. Actually a bit disappointing, it sounded like she said the same thing to every candidate something along the lines of I needed to develop my answers more, but they were pretty open already. Oh well…

Good luck if you are applying to Raytheon UK


What competencies were the questions based on? I hope you can reply before its too late haha.