Has anyone had an interview for this company? All help will be appreciated


Am3thyst, I have an interview in a couple weeks with them. Do u mind shedding some light on how your interview went? Much appreciated


Any ideas on the first interview structure?


usual style they just ask you questions about urself why accounting etc. only thing i can tell to help is that they r looking for a particular type of person and if ur not in that category u wont get called back. they have an ideal candidate image in their head


Heya how would describe this particular type of person?


Hi, anyone been invited to the assessment centre?

Mines in a few weeks but not sure what to expect as no one has seemed to been to one at R&H!


Anyone have any experiences with the paper based numerical test?


Hi, any experiences regarding the assessment centre?


Hi, could you briefly tell me about the AC? is this the last stage and what is involved?