Rather silly error on my part, opinions welcomed!


I wil (hopefully) be starting with one of the ‘Big 4,’ in the next month.

However I made a bit of an aesthetic error on my application that I hope does not come back to bite…

I have a 2.1 (Econ) from one of the top universities in the country, and my UCAS points are comfortably above the required amount, however due to the sake of being a bit of an arse I put down one of my A level grades as an A when it is in fact a B, again everything else is completely fine just this one grade that I was an idiot about. They have copies of everything they need (Degree, transcript etc) except my A level certificates.

I’m a bit worried that because I fibbed, I may have to face pretty damning consequences but I would have cleared their minimum requirements even if I hadnt been a fool.

I was wondering what people think? Is it possible I could have my contract revoked? I know it was pretty stupid but I followed through now.



First of all, why did you put down an A, if you comfortably met the requirements? I would not worry now coz as you are saying you meet the requirements comfortably. If I was you, I would tell them now rather than them finding out after you’ve handed in ur A-level certificates. Just explain you didnt realise your mistake until now.

Wat uni did you go 2 den?