RARE recruitment


Hi guys,

just looking for some info. Recently applied to RARE recruitment, very similar to SEO London, coaching/helping minorities to get into grad schemes etc. They don’t have a great deal of detail available on their site about the recruitment process and I was just wondering if anyone who has already applied could shed any further light. I applied recently and since have been notified by email that they would like to “chat over your interests and how we may be able to help you”.

I’m confused as to whether to be expecting a telephone interview? - and if so what questions, competency based etc - or that I have been accepted in and this is just an informal call about career development and which grad jobs I am looking for. Appreciate it if anyone could shed any light, cheers.


Hey - sometimes it’s a phone call, sometimes its face-to-face, depending on where you are and how able you are to come into the office. It’s not a competency-based interview. It’s more of a chat and discussion with you about your likes and dislikes and what you are looking for. Having chatted with a careers adviser, based on your conversation and a few short exercises, they will talk with you about your options and highlight other career paths you might like to consider.


Hey ranai

I’m having my initial meeting with them soon and would like to ask if you could remember what are some of the questions they asked? Cheers!