rabobank interview london 2013


There is very little info about rabobank interviews so thought I’d start a post. Does anyone have any information on them? Final round interviews? Internship or graduate? Salary etc???


Hi Mag1. I have an interview next week so was wondering if you could give any insight into the process you went through last year please?


Hey Emily!

I also have an interview this Wednesday. Did you have yours? Or did you manage to find any useful information? The only place I found some advice is on glassdoor, however it was coming from experienced professionals regarding technical issues, so is not too relevant for the internship application I guess.


Hi I didn’t actually go today in the end as I got an offer from somewhere else. I didn’t find anything from past interviewees no sorry I just read recent news articles about them instead. Hope it goes well on wed!


Thanks for the reply anyway and congrats on your offer. :slight_smile: