Quitting a graduate scheme


Hi all, I am really stressed about finding a job and don’t really have the luxury of choosing between offers.
I feel like the the first offer I get I will have to accept and sign it.
But suppose I accept and sign a contract for a graduate scheme, and a fews later I get an offer from another company that I would rather take, is it easy to back of out a contract, and how would I do this?



If you have a few final assessment centres within a short space of time and receive offers from some/all of them, you can always let HR know you need some more time to decide. This gives you a couple more days to wait for other decisions.They understand that applicants apply to more than one firm and would be happy to offer you more time.


Oh right, thanks alot :slight_smile: I didn’t think they would be be so understanding!
suppose I start working for a firm for a few months, but still attend ACs for other firms, and I am made an offer, and accept it.
I would then have to quit my current grad scheme, would this be looked down upon?
Im in the position where I will have to just take any offer that comes to me…