Quit current job before new job offer?


Hi, I am a 23 yo Graduate working in a large Automotive OEM. After having worked here for 9 months, I have realised that this really isn’t for me. I have decided to move onto to Management Consultancy as this would provide me with a career that I want. Ever since I made this decision, I am finding it very hard to be motivated in my current job. Additionally, applying to Consultancies is a full time job in itself.

So my question is, do I quit my current job and concentrate on applying to Consultancies so my applications are the best they can be or keep working here and applying over the weekends/evenings? Money is not an issue wih quitting. I thought quitting would also let me do some voluntary/extra cirricular stuff to boost my CV. I really am sick of my current job.

Thanks for your help and advice.

P.S. Just to be clear, I HAVE NOT received any job offers. So I will be quitting my current job before having another job job lined up.


I wouldn’t do that. I can totally understand it being difficult to keep motivated when you’ve decided that you want to move on, but it’s important to think long term. 9 months in a job isn’t very much. You want to stick it out for at LEAST a year - ideally two - or future employers will wonder why you left so quickly. (You can probably get away with one short job on your CV, but what if the next one also doesn’t work out well? You don’t want your CV to make you look like a job-hopper.)

Also, staying in your current job is going to be much better experience than volunteer/extra-curricular stuff on your CV. Think of it from the perspective of the hiring manager. What would you think if you got an application from someone who had a good job, quit it after only 9 months without another job lined up, and then did some part-time volunteer work? That doesn’t read like a dependable applicant.

It sucks right now, but I’d stick it out. Also I really recommend the blog Ask A Manager, which has a lot of no-nonsense answers to questions like this.