Quick question- what are 'white board solutions'?


I’ve tried to google search myself an answer for this, but to no avail. Does anyone here know?

The context is tax and the sentence is: “I enjoy developing white board solutions with clients as they start to address the increasingly complex regulatory environment- it’s when the real planing takes hold.”



I would hazard a guess at it being a meeting where you brainstorm ideas on a white board to come up with a solution to a problem. Thats what it sounds like to me. Must be a bit of company slang or something. Saying that I could be wrong…


Well actually the original sentence puts the phrase in inverted commas so I think it must be industry jargon. And there are various sites on the net that offer ‘whiteboard solutions’.

Any more ideas?


I would agree with E_Dave and say I think it’s likely to mean brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard. I wouldn’t have thought the fact it was in speech marks has much to do with it being slang or an official term. If you are really in doubt, call the firm’s HR and ask them to explain. I would!