Quick Bloomberg Q for Anyone with experience of Interviews


Had an interview yesterday - was wondering the time period for getting back to people/whether the longer it is the lower the chances - ie - the way law firms operate.


Was it a final interview?

Generally offers are given within 48 hours of a final interview - things do depend on how busy people are at the company though, and how many other people are being interviewed/how many jobs there are.


It was a final interview. Think they might be interviewing others the last two days seeing as I specifically asked to be interviewed early in the week and they seemed reluctant.

Was only the one job. Will have to wait and see.


Hi Guys ,
i am being considered for technical interview at Bloomberg London after online test . Its a C++ position . Anyone out there knowing about the interview process ? Secondly kindly let me know the back ground check process in Bloomberg ( for last how many years/employeers etc …)

Thanks for your help in advance .


I will have face to face interview Global Technical Support Representative for Bloomberg
does anyone have experience on Bloomberg interview, please share it to me. Many thanks


Hi arincdam,

Can you please tell me how many days did it take for Bloomberg to evaluate your results of the online test. I just gave my online test in C.



Hi AAAtish,for me it took about a week ( but i had interpreted it rightly before they got back to me) . It all depends upon location/number of people applied/number of evaluators available with BBG for looking at your script. BTW where r u located? if u have a snapshot of the result u can send it across to me + the post applied for , i can pretty safely tell u whether u qualify for it or not? PM for mail id .



Hi Aatish and Arindam,
I have to take the Bloomberg online assessment skill test in C in a few days. Can you just tell me what kind of questions will be generally posed in this test and what should I be prepared in?


I have done Bloomberg tele interview/1st round interview and shadowing and the 2nd round interview.

Usually they will get back to you within 1-2days time. They are pretty fast in that respect.


Hi NERVA10 , Did you give any online test before that telephonic round? What kind of questions did they ask…i have chosen C as my language.


Hi Aatish and Arindam,
I have to take Bloomberg online skill assessment test in C in few days. can you please tell me what kind of questions wil be asked and what should I be prepared for?


Hmm i didn’t do any online tests. At the time I was referred to by a bloomberg employee after they met me in the career fair for the financial sales and analytics role. I did remember them testing our language by paper form. Other than that it was pure interviews/shadowing for me.


Hi Navatha, How was your C interview at Bloomberg? what kind of questions were you asked? how was the experience? It would be great if you could list the questions they asked. Thanks.


I do have an technical interview with Bloomberg this week for s/w developer position… I cleared the online test in C … Did anyone already attened Bllomberg interview for the same position … pls share u r experience :smiley:


Hi Paul,
I have given an online C test in December and cleared it. Am waiting for them to call me to schedule a phone interview. It was more on syntaxes and basics. You need to be thorough with the basic syntaxes and concepts… Good luck!


Hi Nerva,
im heading for my first interview-sales&analytics role too. Could you please advise what kind of competency questions shld i expect - what the shadowing is about? did u get the job??
many thanks


Hi, I have the final round interview for the sales&analytics role in London in two weeks, could anyone tell me what kind of questions do they ask?Thaaaanks
I just had before that a phone interview, classial HR interview: why Bloomberg, who are the competitors, recent financial markets news…and the second interview was with a sales account manager and it was more like a competency one+ questions about interest rates, DCF method…


Hi Zaza84

when was ur first and second interview? How long has the process taken so far, any idea about the salary?


The first interview was maybe 4 weeks ago a phone interview, the second was last week…They sent me an email one hour after the first interview, and after the face to face interview it was 6 days after!I have any idea about the salary…some peaple said it’s about 23k…i hope it’s more!!:slight_smile:


thanks zaza84, that was helpful