Quick BDO Question


A quick question about the BDO application form. It asks for us to “Please outline your main interests, including any positions of responsibility held, scholarships, awards and prizes.”
Should I just outline all my general interests, even if some do not have a special responsibility or award? (e.g. playing in a band)
Or should I stick to the ones described in the later part of the question?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I would put it all down if it relates to a competency.

Playing in a band is a good example to put down imo because it shows you’re not just a robot that learns in uni from books and sits exams. It shows you socialise, get on with others and shows teamwork to an extent.
In those kind of sections I tend to put down band stuff, sports etc

Although I might be wrong? I haven’t really heard back from alot of my apps yet


Thanks for your reply Chris, very helpful.