Questions for Partner


I was wondering what good questions are there to ask the audit partner to show that you are interested in the job and that u are ready to take anything on, without sounding too over empowering?

  • In light of the credit crisis, what do you think will happen to the city and accounting, in the next five to ten years, particularly in terms of regulation?
  • Is it right that accounting firms also have management consulting arms?
  • Why did you become an accountant?

Thank you very much!
I was wondering if it’s okay for me to ask this questions:

  • As an auditor independence is crucial in this field. But at times the line is blurred, can you share with me any similiar experiences that you may have encountered?

Yeh, good question.

I recommend you ask two questions at the end of your interview. As you’re aware, you need to ask questions to show your enthusiasm, and it’s important to ask pertinent questions to show your intelligence.

However, asking more than two questions can irritate interviewers, who probably want to get the interview over as quickly as you do!

Where are you interviewing? Will you let us know how it goes? Good luck!


Thanks! Its with KPMG Manchester… This coming week.
I haven’t really prepared yet… I’m doing the presentation on M&S.

I had an AC last year in London, but I didn’t do that well as I didn’t get enough sleep the night before… I ended up not doing so well.

I hope everything goes well! Thanks! :slight_smile: