Questions for current KPMG grads!


Hi guys, I’ve just got an offer for KPMG audit (London) and had a few questions I would really appreciate some input on!

  1. The grad we had lunch with at the AC said when picking which department you want to work with, it’s good to find out what clients that department has since that will tell you how much travelling there would be. I think the guy was in ICE and said he did not have to leave London much. I don’t mind international travel as much as having to travel within the UK. I’m interested in ICE, Commercial and Industrial, and Infrastructure and Govt, so if any of you know what clients/travel are like for them I’d be very interested! Also, do you know which dept does the Crown Estate/Buckingham Palace audit?

  2. Also, is there much chance to specialise within your department, for example could I hint that I’m interested in Media to try and get my workload biased towards that area? And is there much scope for secondments between departments before qualification?

  3. Do you know any grads that were travelling the summer before their start date? I want to go to the US between mid-July and mid-August, but don’t know how this would work with form filling in/inductions etc!

  4. What percentage of people, roughly, do the ACCA, especially in the London office? I’m down for ACCA atm, and am not that bothered by potential bias, I just don’t want to have no study buddies!

  5. How hard is it for auditors to book single/couple days off? Do they get annoyed if you disappear for a day mid-audit?

Thanks to anyone who can help me out! xx