Questions about Audit business units and subsequent opportunities


Hi guys,

I’ve been made a few offers for London audit, and I had a few questions about how my choices today will govern my long term opportunites.

If I were to work within FS audit, if I were to leave after qualification, then would that mean I would only be attractive to firms within the financial services industry?

Likewise if I specialise within other business units, such as telecommunications or media etc, would that mean I’m only marketable to companies within these industries after qualification?

I guess the wider question is; will my long term opportunities largely be decided by the choices of specialism I make now?




Also completely different issue, I’m going to have to seek an academic reference for whichever offer I decide upon, however I graduated from university last year, and to be honest I didn’t see my personal tutor, or many academic staff from my university all too much. So things like the fact I was involved with societies, football teams etc- is that something I need to make them aware of before they write me a reference (as they would have no idea otherwise). Are they even going to provide me a reference bearing in mind I didn’t have much of a relationship with any of the academic staff of my department?


Seeking an academic reference from your personal tutor or lecturers will be no problem pancho. They are always willing to help out, but just make sure you give them enough warning you need a reference from them and email them your current CV.

Where did you get your offers? Would really appreciate your help on applications because I graduated last year too! Please PM me