Question: Have u applied anywhere else apart from KPMG?


Hello fellow job-seekers.

I was wondering how to answer the question above? It is quite conflicting, as if u tell someone from KPMG you have applied to EY and PWC and have interviews coming up with them, you are being honest. \But not loyal.?

Which one do you think is a good answer? Just be truthful and show that you are seeking for a job and telling the partner that u are motivated to get a job and at the same time smart and thinking on your feet?

I have an AC coming up with KPMG, and I am really nervous. Could you please tell me your views? I have been informed by friends that it is an absolute no no to tell them you have applied to their rivals too.

Please help.



Partner asked me if I applied to to any other of the big4 and I said yes. To be honest you’d be crazy not to. What they expect you to know the difference in detail between the firms? Put all your eggs in one basket? You’re a bright, rational, sensible (they love that) person looking for a training contract with a firm with an outstanding reputation. Not some natural born fanatic with unrealistic expectations. They’re collectively called the big4 precisely because they are so similar.

We have people who’ve worked in the other big4; one of our partners was poached from one of them. Are they any less talented or disloyal? I qualified my statement by saying something about this particular practice being exceptional but I’d suggest that saying no would draw stranger looks than just being completely honest about it. You want to work for a professional services firm. There’s not a shadow of a doubt that there are incredibly capable people working at all of them.


Thanks! I do agree with u. Just tell the truth, but express ur interest in working with the company. :slight_smile:


Regardless of whether you have actually applied or not, i would say yes. reason being, they want to keep the best talent for themselves, they called you for interview cos they would like to hire you, interviews in my opinion are not to find out why they want to hire you but why they shouldnt hire you. so dont give them reasons not to!

again, say yes i applied to … but this has been the best interview experience and i feel i can fit in well. something like that…


I took my 1st interview at KPMG earlier, the manager interviewing me said that: “I would assume that you apply to other firms as well” (they know you would), so where else have u applied?

For that question, I answered honestly and now waiting for my AC date

So, no reason to lie :smiley:


can you ever say you’ve applied to somewhere and got to a partner interview but got rejected or is it better to lie and say they are coming up soon


If u are rejected at this stage, it doesnt mean that u got rejected coz u told them that u applied else where.
KPMG actually write down what ever u say in ur 1st interview, I think partner will look at this b4 ur interview, then why would u lie at this stage?!


i mean, say i got rejected from a different company, is it best to mention that or just avoid it


I just said I was still waiting to hear back (even though I’d been rejected) just make it clear that the company that’s interviewing you (KPMG??) is the one you want to work for most of all but that competition was fierce and you didnt want to risk not getting a job at all.