Question about annual leave


Hi guys

when a contract says that you are entitled to 23 days of annual leave plus 8 statutory holidasy what exactly does it mean?

Does it mean 23 working days or 23 calendar money? So lets say we talk about March, if i take 23 calendar days then i will have a leave from 1 March to 24 of March but if they are working days then i will have 31 days which is the whole month.

Which one is the normal in UK? In greece the contracts mean working days so in my example its the 31 part.


working days


Are you sure?

I do not want to have any doubts about it so if you could provide a link or a source i would be grateful.




23 days are working days, the 8 statutory holiday days are bank holidays. If you want some official source, then google.


you can take 23 days off - you will be paid for those. On top of that, you will get 8 paid bank holidays. Anymore day-off you take, you will not be paid for those. Also, the weekends are not included in the 23 days.