Qualifying in industry


Is qualifying (ACCA or CIMA) in industry as good as within the Big 4 for future career prospects?

Starting salary good (£26.5k starting + good bens and bonus) and seems to be a fair likelihood of not having long hours culture. Also only a small number of grads accepted so not just a number. So is it worth it? Is the big 4 the only way?



I’d also be interested to know, I have an AC for Barclays within their graduate finance programme coming up and I believe they offer CIMA, ACA or ACCA training…

If it came to a straight choice between working in industy or a professional firm I’d be totally lost in how to make a decision


Good thread, this is something I’ve been thinking about recently. Answers from someone in the know would be appreciated, particularly as to the difference between “Industry + CIMA” Vs “Professional Services + ACA”


My industry friends tell me that Big 4 (were) keen to recruit experienced CIMAs into their consultancy divisions due to their front line experience…

I guess it’s what you want to do in the future that makes a difference…

I like fiddly stuff, legal stuff, analysing facts and predicting outcomes according to established rules = ACA/tax for me and happy to take less pay for the training.

My sister likes knowing how things work, being creative in business, being at the heart of things, analysing trends, recommending future actions creatively = CIMA for her!

No idea if that adds anything! Just do lots of research…took me ages to match what I
wanted to the right programme…