Qualifications Query - Housing Executive



So i graduated in June with a 2:2 and have been applying to any job that has the promise of ACCA/ACA training with no luck. I’m not sure exactly what i want to do career-wise, but i have a background in accounting and I feel that an ACCA/ACA qualification will be valuable in any finance/business/accounting career.
So anyway, I’ve finally heard back from somewhere that I have an interview. The Housing Executive. The position is trainee auditor. This is where my first query is…Is going down this route to become qualified just as good an idea as joining an accounting firm, or finance firm? Will the qualification be just as valuable?

My second query surrounds something that is included in the interview offer letter. It says “Please be informed that the training programmes available to the successful candidates will be IIA, ACCA or CIPFA”. Should I read into this that I will be able to choose which one of these qualifications I train for? Also, am I right in assuming that ACCA would be the most prestigious/best for a career in business?

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Also one last thing…has anyone had any experience with the housing executive/ know anyone that has? To be honest, I hadn’t as far as accounting goes, until I seen the post advertised. Any ideas for preparation would be great aswell!

Thanks again!


My understanding is that the ACCA or ACA is the same anywhere in terms of exams (you sit the same papers whether at PwC or KPMG) but there is more prestige associated with doing it at a Big 4 firm than elsewhere. Furthermore, the ACA is more highly regarded than the ACCA (it is by investment banks anyway) but i’m sure the ACCA would also give you great career prospects. On a final note, I’ve not heard of the housing executive so cannot comment, but someone else on WikiJob may know more…!


The Housing Executive is a public service organisation. Would training with them prevent me from progressing successfully into the private sector after qualifying?

Also, does anyone know anything about IIA (Institute of Internal Audit)?