Qualification checks


Hi guys, in light of my recent invitation to a deloitte assessment centre, I have been asked to bring my GCSE, A-Level and Degree certificates as proof. However, in my application form I omitted two of my GCSEs (one because I got a really low grade compared to the others). Do you guys think this will count against me and will my application be with drawn?


Why did you omit the other? I guess they are all listed on the same certificate so you can’t just bring the relevant ones.
What are the subjects you omitted?
We are not Deloittes so cannot possibly answer your question.
Does the application give instructions about giving ALL GCSE’s? If so, then you haven’t completed the application form correctly.


Hi, one was an E grade and one was a C (i rather not state which subjects). I genuinely forgot about the C grade, though I have never included the E in any application form because it really is an anomaly. Anyone with a Deloitte offer; how strict are they when it comes to qualification checks?


Looks like your situation is more awkward than mine… Bless!

I once heard they normally hire an external company to handle all the background checks. It’s certainly highly risky if they find out what you put on your application form is not identical to what your qualifications state. So I would say the best strategy is to tell them the truth. Best luck!


That does suck somewhat. They will find out no matter what. You could just tell them that you realised after looking at your certificates again that you’d forgotten to put the grades on as you don’t normally include them on your CV when looking for part time jobs and such.

If they like you and you’ve gotten to the AC stage I’m not sure that an extra C and an E at GCSE would hamper your application, apart from the fact that you’ve omitted them which would indicate a lack of honesty and integrity if they think you’ve done it on purpose.


No fool is going to fall for you saying you just realised that you forgot to put two GCSE’s in.!! It’s pretty damn obvious you didn’t want to disclose them in the first place with those grades. You don’t forget exams unless you maybe have 18 or something like that and you do forget the list of subjects.
Tell the truth. Say you had two extra GCSE’s that you believe are not relevant to the application so you omitted them. See if they push you to disclose the subjects.

What subjects were they? Academic? Did you re-take them so you in fact have two GCSEs? It helps to answer the question if you disclose the full facts.

If you have all the entry requirements then you could say that your C and E are extras!! If either are Maths or English you’ve got a problem as I believe min requiremnts are B (or A in some firms). To be honest I wouldn’t be too bothered about the C as it’s not wholly awful. Just looks bad if you are an all A and A* candidate but shows you’re human.
The E grade is not so smart. Can you give the exam back to the examining body. Decline it and ask them to delete it??


okay, the omission of the C grade (in Design Tech) was an honest mistake. I was told, by a teacher and career adviser, not to include the E(in a foreign language) because my other grades are all A’s and B’s… do you think I should ring deloitte? Technically speaking i did not make up any grades… I also left out the E grade on my UCAS form


See PM, top_cat/
Leave this now. The GCSE’s are not relevant to the application which you have clearly satisfied with all your other qualifications.
These two GCSEs are just some extra qualifications. A couple of exams you took to fill up spare time. No big deal.
And yes, you have some extra skills from those exams.
Good luck with the interviews etc, FOCUS ON THAT.


i’ve rather stupidly put myself in this position due to a moment of rash decision making some months back. i’m thinking I may just call them and sort it out now, whatever happens it’s going to come out eventually from the sounds of it so probably for the best to do it sooner rather than later. abcd76 what was the outcome of this for you? any news on this would be appreciated, causing some pretty major stress levels for me at the moment