QLTT (Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test) anybody?


QLTT (Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test) is an exam addressed to foreign qualified lawyers who want to work as solicitors in England and Wales. It is divided into what they call “Heads” and there are 4 of them (ie Property Law, Civil/Criminal Litigation, Professional Conduct and Accounts and Principles of Common Law). Once you pass those exams you are supposed to obtain full qualification as a Solicitor and in theory you would be able to work straight away in a Legal Firm without having to go through a training contract. However, I don’t feel confident enough to start working as a Solicitor without any previous experience in the UK so I would like to know if it would be possible to obtain a training contract under these circumnstances? Is anyone in the same position as me?

Btw, I got my last QLTT exams (Principle of Common Law and Civil Litigation) in two weeks time so if anyone has any questions or would like to share what the College of Law people are looking for in the exams, I would be very happy to help and also receive some advice from anyone who has already passed the tests.

Thanks a lot in advance!



I have the same question but no answer yet! Let me know if you find out more on the subject. Many Thanks. Fred



I have the Property exam in one week - do you remember the exam questions from yours? any tips? many thanks!!!