Has anyone that was at an AC in the past week heard back yet?

They said at the AC we would hear by the end of the week, which I’m guessing is Friday.



No I have still not heard and I was at the Tuesday AC. Looks like we might be waiting until next week.


Guys how did the AC go?


I thought it went well. The wait is the hardest part for me. Should find out by Monday.


hey guys.any followups?


Still not heard. This is getting very annoying now.


Nope I’ve not heard either teardrop. They said initially by the end of last week then I phoned on Friday and they said Monday morning then I heard nothing from them today.

The strange part is that if you pass the AC that is what you are told a job role is not confirmed until later so I’m not sure how it can take a week to decide whether I passed the AC.


I’m guessing that they’re still assessing people at different stages and that’s why its taking so long. May I ask , how many people where you at the assessment centre and if they told you approximately how many jobs equal to each division?


I passed the assessment centre Teardrop. I have had no word on what my role is, where I’m being placed and when I will start.



thanks for your info Mudd2487,

i passed the tp interview.i am waiting for the AC. could you give me some tips about the written exercise.
is it like a numerical & verbal test or somthing like preparing a technical report?
thanks for ur kindness.


Same situation as me, hellohello.


congrats hellohello:) wish u best of luck.
Brute and nik85 any news??
vel99 when was your telephone interview and what did you graduate in?


Hi Hellohello… congrates;)
@Teardrop … I am still waiting for the reply. Its really hard to wait like that.


2 weeks ago. e.engineering.
do you have any idea about the written exercise?


Still waiting as well…kinda giving up on them congrates Hellohello


Thanks guys.

Have you tried to phone them to ask when your AC will be?

Anyone who has passed an AC and waiting on a position, how long have you been waiting? It will be two weeks tomorrow since I found out I passed and I’m not sure whether to phone and see what is going on.


I passed my AC end of Jan and still haven’t been placed. I have phoned them several times and haven’t really got anywhere with the issue. The thing that worries me is that until you sign the contract its not gauranteed!


Hey sorry to hear you still haven’t been placed.

Are there any other graduates on here who are from QinetiQ in previous years?

That is what is making me nervous, the fact the job does not seem to be guaranteed.

I’ve not even had an email to confirm I passed the AC, just a phone call. It is suprising when the application process ran very well for me.


My app process ran very smoothly too. Its been really wierd because some of my friends from uni applied and in my view their application was equally as strong but they didnt even get to the telephone interview stage.

BTW they take about a week to send a confirmation email.